Interviewed by Roman Abrego

Roman: OK Mr. Pineda, first of all I would like to say It’s an honor and privilege to interview you. So let’s just start off with the nitty-gritty. Where are you from? How long have you been tattooing? Who’s your daddy (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice) and what does he do? haha…

Rich: Well, It’s awesome to be getting interviewed by you! I was born in Mexico but raised in South Bay, Hermosa beach area of California, I moved to the desert, Yucca Valley about 12 years ago so I learned to tattoo out here about four years ago. And my dad is Julio, he golfs.

Roman: Haha… I’ve always wanted to golf drunk! Sp Damn, you’ve only been tattooing for four years? You bastard! haha… That’s crazy how the industry can change overnight with artists like you. So what is your secret? Was it instructional DVDs, taking the right seminars, maybe watching the right people? Who is your mentor and how does someone like you get inspired?

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Rich: Golf and beers=good times! haha… Yes, for years and thanks man. I think it was just a good time to be learning to tattoo since I was a bit older when I learned. I was 37 years old and my friend Jeff Cooper gave me my start. It was a super short beginning, I kinda just got thrown into the mix and also learned a ton from watching DVDs and asking a shit ton of questions from all the people I admired, like your self. I get super inspired everywhere I look nowadays, everyday people post amazing tattoos and art all over social media, it keeps me working harder to keep up with all the rad artists out there.

Roman: I feel you man, everyday I trip out on the internet on how many awesome tattoo artists are out there who are killing it and I don’t even know who they are! I’ve got to ask what type of style of portraits do you enjoy doing the most and do you feel that by only doing portraits that you will excel in the tattoo industry? And If so, what other style would you like to do?

Rich: I would say doing iconic images from the 80’s and 90’s films are my favorite things to tattoo. I also really like to do woman’s faces with a dark sexy fell to them. I’ve been getting into shooting my own references as much as I can when I do the girls faces I do and it also helps with my paintings. I think the more well rounded as an artist you are, the better, I would love to branch out and try and do more and get better at other styles, but for now I’m just trying to get better at my portraits realism; it’s what holds my passion and I have a long way to go so it stays entertaining. If I had a choice I would to more black and grey and horror related work as well.

Glen Preece drip face copy
Tin Man nowm copy
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Roman: That’s awesome, I kind of feel like every time I look at your stuff I can tell it apart from other artists stuff, I feel like you already have a unique style in the portraits game. Have you ever tattooed any celebrities or what is your dream client?

Rich: I tattooed Brendan Urie who is lead singer from “Panic at the Disco.” He’s a super cool dude and it was killer tattooing him, but I have to say I get the most stoked when other tattooers ask me to tattoo them, that’s always such a great honor. Man, but I would geek out if I ever got to tattoo anyone from the cast of Lord of the Rings haha… I am a huge nerd and fan of those movies so that would cool for me!

Roman: There’s some character’s portraits that artists have done numerous amounts of times, is there a character that you’ve done a couple of times? For me I think I’ve done like 10 Johnny Depp portraits haha…

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