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Roman: For the past years the world has been noticing your work and how it’s been developing from great work to greatness and now you are one of the top artists in the art of tattooing. So, for how long have you been tattooing, how did you get into it and did you have an apprenticeship?

Randy: That was back in September 2001. Painting and drawing has always been my hobby, I’ve drawn since I could hold a pencil. So I have finally made ​​my hobby into a profession.I get only explaining about machine.The tricks and technique for the tattooing I have received from my mentor Boris.

Roman: Another thing that lots of people have noticed about you, is how serious you take this art, your devotion and discipline towards your work. You’re one of the few artists who would rather stay in your room drawing or preparing for the next day tattoo instead of wasting time at the bar. Where does this come from, how did you get so serious about the art? Is this part of your training to become a tattoo artists?

Randy: Yes, I prefer to concentrate on my work. Instead of spending my time at a bar.



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Roman: How did you get into tattooing?

Randy: Actually, I wanted to always make a sideline for tiling. I have subscribed to start tattoo designs for mates and then it developed after sometime.

Roman: Do you only tattoo photo-realistic or do you like other styles?

Randy: I like to have different styles, but the photo-realism I finally specialized in.

Roman: Why just Photo-realism?

Randy: For me it is simply the supreme discipline and an absolute challenge in the tattoo area.

Roman: Many people claim that Realistic Tattoos have no good durability

Randy: That depends on whether the tattoo has a high contrast or not. Since there are no lines at realistic themes, you have to replace them with light edges. The customer and the body site play an important role. A bright tattoo on the upper arm, with a tanned man who goes much to the sun, makes little sense. Since it is recommended to put the tattoo, for example, in the inside of the upper arm, where not as much sun will reach it. But also the maintenance of the customer is critical to the shelf life. For the care of the tattoo I especially recommend the H2Ocean products. I use only them because they are simply the best on the market. In addition, a breathable wound dressing for healing
is important, I use Suprasorb.

Roman: Your color portraits are amazing, how do you prepare your colors to every tattoo you do? Do you have every colors in the book or do you mix your colors?

Randy: I use Intenze colors only, but yes, I mix my colors myself for my realism tattoos.



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Roman: Do you think that the tattooing has changed over time?

Randy: Yes, it has become much more professional and more hygienic. The elaboration of tattoos is now of much higher quality.
The fringe group “tattoo” is now grown into a large, private industry.

Roman: What is the future of tattooing in Germany?

Randy: In Germany there is a larger tattoo market than in many other countries. Here the tattoo area has grown into a real tattoo scene. Also the clients pay much more attention to quality and take prices and waiting times and no longer run to the next best tattoo artists around the corner.

Roman: What gets you motivated?

Randy: I get motivated by looking at young artists making incredible works these days. I’m not the type to stop, I have to keep up and stay in the game.

Roman: Is there something you do not like in the tattoo scene?

Randy: Jealous people, assholes and haters.

Roman: How do you imagine your own future?

Randy: I want to continue to be successful and achieve more, but you never know where it goes. Also, I want my company Heaven of Colours, to create the same success that Randy Engelhard also managed.

Roman: Who are your role models who influenced you?

Randy: Especially Boris, as I learned from him the most technology.
But I do orienting myself in other Realistic-tattooists, such as Nikko Hurtado, Roman Abrego, Mike DeVries, Dmitriy Samohin.

Roman: You travel a lot around the world, why?

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