Interviewed by Fabz
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Fabz: Where do you come from and where do you live?

George Mavridis: I was born and raised in Thessaloniki, the biggest city in Greece. I still live there!

Fabz: How important is this place to you? I believe that Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world; and trust me, I travel a lot.

George Mavridis: We have sun the most of the time, amazing beaches, beautiful girls and super nightlife. If you add the artistic side of this country from the ancient years, you have the best combination for a great life for living. The only bad thing is the economy in recent years, but for me it is ok because the most of the year i work out of Greece!
Fabz: It seems that everyone knows you there, how did this happen?
George Mavridis: If you are a tattoo artist and you are known in worldwide tattoo scene, I think it’s not so difficult to be known in a city with 1.5 million people, who care for all kind of arts!

Fabz: You have been tattooing for quite some time now, how many years? How did you became the George Mavridis that everyone is talking about?


George Mavridis: I began tattooing in 1996 and I started like an amateur as most of the artist’s who started in the 1990‘s. i don’t know how people look at me, but I have worked a lot in my life to get what i have. I started alone and I didn’t have a master to show me the techniques, so it was difficult the first few years. I think that last couple years I am getting better, although i believe that always learn new things.

Fabz: Did someone made you famous or something?

George Mavridis: I don’t think that iI am famous and I think that artist’s should focus on their art and not on fame. If your art is good you will be famous from that.

Fabz: You own the shop Tattooligans, where did this name come from? Is it just a shop name or more like a family, why?

George Mavridis: When i was young i was a fan of a football team here in Thessaloniki named PAOK. I followed the team for many years and supported them in every game; I was one of the hooligans as we have here in Europe. At my studio nobody fought, everybody talked about tattoos at the same table, in the same room, so i had the idea to rename the studio from “Magic Needles’” to “Tattooligans.” It’s easy to understand why Tattoo Hooligans is Tattooligans. The guys from my studio are also my friends, I didn’t choose them because of their art skills, but because of the kindness of their souls and they work a lot and they focus themselves and on tattoo life. Because of this we are more like a family and not like a business studio.

Fabz: Is it just tattooing that brings Tattooligans together?

George Mavridis: As I mentioned before,we are friends first and then partners. We travel together, we go for beers together, we draw together and in the end we work in the same place.

Fabz: You have traveled quite a bit around the world, tattooing wise, where did you enjoy the most, the best moments?

George Mavridis: Yes, i travel a lot and I had some great times in my life, for conventions and for my pleasure. I can’t remember the best time, but i can tell you for sure some places that i had the best moments. Some of of them are Las Vegas, New York, London, Gold Coast Australia, Thailand, Bali and Miami.

Fabz: You won few trophies over the years and all over the world, name the ones that mean the most to your heart.

George Mavridis: Milano, Las Vegas, Berlin, and Ink n Iron were the most difficult conventions and I was very happy that I got some trophies there. But always i say that trophies are not so important, they are good for your reputation but not for your skills.

Fabz: Who is Molly? And how is she important for you and the way you live your life?

George Mavridis: Molly is my dog, is a golden retriever and she is seven years old..This dog is my life and is the main reason that I never moved from Greece to another country. I prefer to stay with my dog and when it is necessary to travel, I know that she will stay with my family from the studio. Molly is the mascot of the studio.

Fabz: What can we expect from George Mavridis in the future? Tattoo plans, art plans, travel plans, life plans?

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